Forever Held

We have created these pieces to help raise funds to support the mission of the Forever Held Foundation, which is to provide short stay retreat accommodation at no cost for parents (and siblings) grieving the loss of a child. ⠀

⁣The name Forever Held symbolises that while we may have held our children (in our arms or wombs) for a short time before we lost them, we will hold them forever in our hearts.⠀

This is something we don’t talk about much, not many people do… but we SHOULD, because this is something that sadly affects so many of us. 
Heartbreakingly, we the By Liv family have experienced such losses during our journey to becoming the family we are today, and know first hand how nurturing and healing an opportunity like this provided by the Forever Held Foundation would be in the grieving process. It is an opportunity to retreat from everyday life, where things just keep going on as ‘normal’ at a time where your whole world has fallen apart. This is such a precious opportunity. 
We have had 5 losses at various stages of pregnancy. I am not sharing this information for sympathy. It is part of our journey and has made us who we are today as a family. Our kids talk of their angel siblings often, with love and wonder. I still get teary thinking about them all of these years on, we just learn to live with it. But please know that I am always here with a sympathetic, loving ear if you ever need to share your grief with someone xx

And this is why, in honour of our five angels, we are so happy to be able to donate $10 from every pair of the ‘Forever Held’ earrings to this cause - they are available now on our website. 👆⠀

If you would like to find out more about what they do, or make a direct donation to them, head on over to their Instagram page @⁣foreverheldfoundation⠀

All our love to our Angel babies, we love you and miss you. You are remembered always xxxxx⠀

And love and hugs to all who are feeling the absence of little ones today and always too ❤xx

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