Happiness - hoops

Happiness - hoops

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"Happiness is an emotional state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment." - Very Well Mind.

Happy is how I feel when I look at the beautiful pattern on our in-house designed acrylic. And there is actually some science behind it too. Colour is a powerful tool in terms of our mood, and it is widely acknowledged that warm tones like yellow, orange, red and pink can lead to feelings of happiness.

We have printed this design onto white acrylic this time to really make the colours pop, and we are super happy with the results.

So if YOU would like a pair of earrings that will put a happy spring in your step this winter - get a pair of these statement stunners on your lobes ASAP xx

Total length of earrings = 57mm (30mm at their widest), and are finished with hypoallergenic surgical steel hoops.