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This beautiful big board will hold a BIG chunk of your collection.

You are FAR more likely to change your earrings each day when you have got a big chink of your collection on display, not to mention lose less earrings when they are are safely slotted into space.

And when I say 'slot' that is exactly what I mean. No more mucking around trying to get the backs off your earrings from behind the board (those 'holey' boards are SO annoying for that! Trust me - I've tried them!).

With our boards your earrings can easily slip into place with their backs still on! Especially easily since we have widened the open area so that you can pop earring backs of all sizes through to slip into the holding slots!

The boards also feature a 'back guard', which makes sure the board stays away from your walls. This means no damaged earring backs OR walls - ohhhh happy days!

The board measures 24cm wide, and 35cm tall, and can hold over 90 pairs of earrings, of ALL styles. Hoops, Dangles, Studs - we've got you covered.

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Nice earring holder