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This beautiful big board will hold a BIG chunk of your collection.

You are FAR more likely to change your earrings each day when you have got a big chink of your collection on display, not to mention lose less earrings when they are are safely slotted into space.

And when I say 'slot' that is exactly what I mean. No more mucking around trying to get the backs off your earrings from behind the board (those 'holey' boards are SO annoying for that! Trust me - I've tried them!) With our boards your earrings can easily slip into place with their backs still on!

The boards also feature a 'back guard', which makes sure the board stays away from your walls. This means no damaged earring backs OR walls - ohhhh happy days!

The board measures 24cm wide, and 35cm tall, and can hold over 90 pairs of earrings, of ALL styles. Hoops, Dangles, Studs - we've got you covered.